Monday, January 19, 2009

Tiny Art Lives Again

This project was inspired by the Green Pepper Press Street Team Crusade #27 - Shape Up! Nope - not a New Year's Resolution that involves sore abs! Just a good ponder about a shape - your choice. Michelle challenges you to think positive, negative, big, small - just explore.

So, since a close one ribbed me about my iGoogle homepage today, which contains everything under the sun, and also the phases of the moon, I thought I'd explore a circle.

And in my crazy world here, I realized my reanimations are circles too - what goes around comes around, or however that goes. Get it? A ROUND? Tee hee..

So I decided to revive some fine art. This is truly art for the masses - no checkbook needed. It's from a magazine called Inside Santa Fe, which I love, because it has teeny pictures of all the current art in the galleries.
Your girl here loves tiny art. It's perfect for cards.

So what I did, was begin with a shadow of my circle. I did that by punching a circle out of a transparency.

Now when you do this, you MUST layer the transparency on cardstock. Most punches won't punch through the plastic without the cardstock underneath. I'm sure a physics professor somewhere knows why.
After you've punched the transparent shadow, attach it to your card with a dimensional. So even the shadow has a shadow. :)Then stick another dimensional on top and attach your teeny art. Mount that to a simple white card base and your shape becomes the focal point of the card. To add another layer of shapeliness, I chose pictures that featured circles where I could - the apple, the little moons and suns.

What a graceful shape. Click the picture to see the art a little closer. Each one of these is on a card now - lots of Thank Yous waiting to be sent. Maybe you're getting one. ;)


michelle ward said...

Lydia - great tip on using cardstock when punching transparency! I can't tell you how many times I've jammed up my thing. What a simple and clever way to make an embellishment, thanks for the how-to, and for sharing your *circles* with the team!

Rosie said...

I really like your approach.. I am such a 'stencil-coward'!! That tip will be so useful - TFS!

Jenn in GA said...

i'm curious about the size punches you used for this project.

i like the simplicity of the card. now i have to figure out how to find tiny art!

Kim Mailhot said...

Super work ! Love the little art pieces. Thanks for the punch/plastic tips too.

Cheers, Crusader !

carlene federer said...

what a cool idea! and I did NOT know that about punching a transparency...I've often been frustrated by the fact that the punch doesn't go through them right...THANX for the tip!!!
Love the tiny art!

Anonymous said...

Oooh, what a great card-making idea. I keep a wee pile of cards for 'emergencies' and I think the pile is about to grow LOL.
Your circles are great; thanks for sharing them, and the technique, with us.

jgr said...

I love the transparency idea. Thank you for sharing-your work is great!!


Steff said...

This is a really great idea. I love small art circles too...could be my fondness for pins, not sure...