Saturday, January 17, 2009

More MetaStamps

I've really been having fun with these rubber scraps.

2009 is the year that the Chagall Window at the Chicago Art Institute reopens. I was CRUSHED when I went a few years ago and the window was down because of remodels to the institute. It's normally the first thing I visit in Chicago. A person should be warned when their blue "soul window" will not be available. A person might change their travel plans if they knew such things.

This is absolutely the most beautiful sight on earth, IMHO.I have sat in front of this window for many an hour, just absorbing it's mosaic-y, glowy, heavenly blueness. I would like to be buried in front of this window!! I'm sure the Art Institute discourages that kind of thing. :)

But this gorgeous window is what is what I had in mind when I reanimated my tr(ash) rubber into this mosaic background stamp.The creation of the stamp took maybe 2 minutes. Then I created two cards for you. The first is kind of a muted Valentine themed card. I don't particularly like traditional holiday colors, so I like to play with keeping the color spirit, but toning it down a bit, which is what I did here with the neutral, Sahara Sand background. I stamped my mosaic in Sahara Sand ink along the bottom. I added the greeting in black.

I didn't want too much of this pattern - I wanted a very simple clean card. I did something fun with the wide Pirouette Pink Ribbon though - I actually folded a length of it around the front of the card, and then looped each end to give a 3D soft curl on the front. I really like it. Looks like ribbon candy.

Then to make the fun heart, I took the new Stampin' Up! punch and positioned it at the edge of the cardstock to punch out the smallest one. Then I centered the medium heart around that and punched it out and voila - a fun heart within a heart!!
Hope you enjoy it!

Then I just added some self adhesive rhinestones to add a little sparkle!

Tune in tomorrow for the second card!


Rachael said...

I was admiring your card and was thinking how cool the white bird looked at the top of the card. I was wondering if it was white craft pad or if you had a special punch...then I realized it is your watermark to keep browsers from stealing your images! i felt like such a dork!
still love the card, even without the bird. :)

Jenn in GA said...

i made my own, but the first time i cleaned it on my stamp n scrub pad, some of the rubber came off! there was enough adhesive to stick it back onto the pad, but i'm wondering if you've encountered this problem. i'm being very gentle when cleaning from this point forward...

Jenn in GA said...

here's my stamp and the card i made with it!

Sharon F / Created By You said...

What a clever way to use the left over rubber from our stamps! I can't wait to try this myself!

Laurie in MN said...

I made a mosaic stamp out of left over rubber, too. I wish punches could cut through rubber.

Love your ideas.

Beate said...

Gorgeous. I think we went to a church in Mainz that had all Chagall windows. It was BEAUTIFUL!!!

I need to make me one of these stamps.
Hugs and smiles