Sunday, April 26, 2009

Do You Get It?

See if you get what I did on this card.

The paper is retired Stampin' Up! DSP and the little bear is from Doodle Factory's new Oh Baby! set. I stamped him on a reanimated Hardy Boys mystery. when I opened it to rip a page out, a 1950 wheat penny fell out of it.


I colored him with pure color pencils.
The reanimated book pages take pencil sooo nicely because they are a little rough.

So do you get it?

If you do, leave a comment. ;)

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Sustainable Summer!

I entered this card in the Cards Magazine cover contest - it's made from the pages of Cards Magazine - it's like a meta-card!

Alas, I did not win, however, they were kind enough to feature me on the blog today! They have incredible photography and projects over here.. It's like getting their magazine every day. Check it out by clicking the link above or the picture.

Craft magazines have such beautiful pages - use them for something fun!

PS - I twittered a special offer today... check it out!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Bunny Week...

Is pretty much the best week ever!!!

I made this little fella for Bunny Thursday.

He's reanimating the pages of the last Martha Stewart Living Magazine.

I punched him out and then punched his pink ears from a cool pink ad from the same issue.

I made the grass just by hand cutting a strip of Kiwi Kiss paper. The ribbon is Stampin' Up!

The polka dots on the pink background are made with the eraser of a mechanical pencil. When they're new they are such perfect circles. Just pat them on your ink pad like a stamp and stamp them! I used basic grey ink. The greeting is from A good egg!

Happy bunny Thursday!!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

счастливая пасха!

I studied Slavic Linguistics in grad school, and Russian Literature in undergrad - yes, including Old Church Slavonic - and loved the icons, so I thought I'd make an Easter icon out of Stewie... If you've never seen a traditional icon, this is what they look like. They are mysterious and sad, like Stewie. They are also brightly colored, which I adore.This is what they look like in the Doodle Factory.

I used Russian text I printed from my computer (reanimated from my Christmas card) on the right and sponged it with red ink. The blue paper is Basic Grey Marrakech. I hand cut the cross and decorated it with a silver Pentel. I wrote theRussian word for Easter on the horizontal strip.
I traced a circle from a piece I punched with a black felt tip marker and then filled it in with gold Pentel for his halo. I colored the torn edge with a gold Pentel and mounted it on brushed gold cardstock.

счастливая пасха!!!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Sometimes, you gotta make lemonade...

Bills.I hate em.

I hate all the trash they generate even more than I hate sending my money away.

So I fixed it. with the help of Lisa Vollrath.

See what you think.

First.... Steaming letters open is for housewives of the 50's. Take one of the envelopes from your bills and use your heat gun to release the glue. Be sure and remove the plastic window first though. Don't ask me how I know things. I just do. :)

All opened up, nice. Use the open version to trace onto cardstock and use as a permanent bookmark template. After tracing, reseal.

Next, measure 3" from the corner on each side for your cut marks.
Use a ruler to draw a line and cut.

Now you have your bookmark, and you just need to decorate it!

For the first one, I took the Amex envy and painted it with Golden's Micaceous Iron Oxide which is a gorgeous grey with sparkles. I'm sure there's a technical term for it. I don't know it.
Paint it over the envelope. I liked the stripe on this one because it showed through and became part of the design.
On top of this, I painted Tempting Turquoise Craft Ink.
Then I attached an old postage stamp - orange for a pop of color. I used Golden Gel medium to attach it, and to paint over the whole thing to make it a little more durable. It's just clean and clear and glossy like Mod Podge.

Here's the book I'm readingAnd here it is with the new sassy bookmark.I love having the template.
I made this one out of Basic Grey's Marrakech paper. I love this.I covered this with more gel mediumNothing better than turning a credit card bill into something that holds my place in a book called play!!