Tuesday, April 7, 2009

счастливая пасха!

I studied Slavic Linguistics in grad school, and Russian Literature in undergrad - yes, including Old Church Slavonic - and loved the icons, so I thought I'd make an Easter icon out of Stewie... If you've never seen a traditional icon, this is what they look like. They are mysterious and sad, like Stewie. They are also brightly colored, which I adore.This is what they look like in the Doodle Factory.

I used Russian text I printed from my computer (reanimated from my Christmas card) on the right and sponged it with red ink. The blue paper is Basic Grey Marrakech. I hand cut the cross and decorated it with a silver Pentel. I wrote theRussian word for Easter on the horizontal strip.
I traced a circle from a piece I punched with a black felt tip marker and then filled it in with gold Pentel for his halo. I colored the torn edge with a gold Pentel and mounted it on brushed gold cardstock.

счастливая пасха!!!


Leslie Hanna said...

Slavic, Russian, Pig Latin. What, pray tell, would one do with that sort of advanced degree? Do you work for the UN as a translator?

Oh, and pretty card, by the way. ;-)

Sue said...

Yikes I thought I was good with languages. (OMG..is that another thing we have in common..albeit you know some more unusual ones LOL)

Cr8ive ME said...

love your card. Plus he's a boston terrier and they are the best dogs ever.


Lisa Atha said...

I agree with Leslie Hanna, what do you do with that degree? I really am curious or nosey; whichever....

Stewie makes a great Russian, I love how you kept on with that theme throughout the card. Very Creative!

Lisa A.