Thursday, January 22, 2009

Negative Space

I decided to use the negative space from a sheet of my Stampin' Up! stamps.

I carefully cut around the void left by one die cut stamp to get this wavy ring.It makes a very cool background for my little doggie valentine.

Check out the girl dog with the bow in her hair. Who could resist her? Little love note in hand...Well this guy certainly can't. I used my craft knife to carefully free his little arms.

Then I put a valentine in them.Then I put them on a card, with little hearts as the thought bubbles as he dreams of his tiny canine love.
The stamps are from the Doodle Factory. Click here to see the whole set. Check my sidebar for a discount if you want them.


Nina said...

That card is just toooo cute!! Very creative! Love it!

Liz S. said...

Well, Lydia, I think that this is a VERY cleverly disguised attempt at providing an alternative to anti-depressants! Hope Big Pharma doesn't get wind of this!! Hee hee- thanks for the BIG smile!

Lisa Atha said...

Ok, you are getting too clever with the rubber stamp leftovers. I wish I knew where to get some wood blocks, I would love to try this myself. Way too cute card, I love those doodle factory animals.

Lisa A.