Thursday, September 18, 2014

Normally It's Not a GOOD Thing to Reanimate Your Lunch...

It doesn't sound right does it?

Now that I work from home I don't eat lunch out very often. It really has made me realize that lunch in cubicle-ville is more of an escape than a meal. Now I really have no need to get away because my work environment is peaceful, fun and my soundtrack is snoring kittens.

So when I do go get something it's because I really want it.

Last week, I really wanted Chipotle. I can't even remember the last time I ate there - years and years ago probably. And I do love their food.

My fave is the carnitas bowl. No beans, corn salsa, guacamole. MMM.

So I ran out and got this fave meal and brought it home. But I became quite distracted in the car by the bag - it's ADORABLE!!

It has these fun, quirky drawings on it that sort of have the whole circle of life on them.

Some of them are so sweet.

I couldn't bear to throw it away, so I added a few strokes with a white gel pen, a greeting from Perfect Pennants and a little twine and glimmer paper.

It's just sweet. Thanks for the yummy food and the art break, +Chipotle Mexican Grill! :)


Leslie Hanna said...

So fun! I have this blog in Feedly already, it's just been soooo quiet. :D

Vicki G said...

Now that is cute~

Rosy Newlun said...

So glad you posted this on FB cause it's ADORABLE! Love the white gel pen touches. I have another quirky bag so this gives me ... LIGHT BULB!

vdoyle8 said...

awesome idea! I'm headed to Chipotle!

Brandi said...

This is super cute! What a great way to upcycle a unique food bag.