Sunday, December 8, 2013

Making Faces

I really admire people who can draw. I am not among them. I have taken many classes, but alas, I believe I started too late in life to really be a master.

So any time I can find a way to add at least an element of a drawing with a little trickery, I'm all for it. Maybe that's why I like stamping.

I had been playing around with my Pan Pastels this week, which I LOVE, and I realized a perfect way to get a good face for an art journal page - with my Artograph LightPad and my Pan Pastels!

It took about 7 minutes and an old copy of Smithsonian magazine, saved from the recycle bin, to create a pretty decent, monochromatic faux drawing.

Here's the result.

Here's the "drawing" with the original advert.

And here's the quick video tutorial on how to do it. Hope this helps you create some fun journal pages!

Thanks for stopping by!


Scrapacat said...

So awesome. I really need to stock up some magazine ads and remember where my lightbox is... Hi Splotch!

Leslie Hanna said...

Wow! I thought you drew that! It looks amazing!

PS: I would have typed this faster, but Bobra's butt is in the way.

Rosy Newlun said...

Simplicity, clarity and yet has amazing depth, with just two colors!!! Fab Lydia!

Patricia St Martin said...

Thank you for showing this awesome technique! I really enjoyed watching this and that's for the inspiration.
Greeting, Pat