Thursday, September 9, 2010

All Washed Up

Got a toolbox in the garage that's filled with small pieces of hardware you'll never use? Or, do you have washers and hex keys and all sorts of stuff left over from those Ikea bookcases that you can't bear to toss?

Well make jewelry out of them!
I made these washer necklaces back in December for a special project and you'll just faint when you see how easy they were!

First, measure your washer and the hole in the center of it. Then find two circle punches about those two same sizes. Punch the smaller hole first, then center the larger punch around that hole and punch the larger circle.

Paint a thin layer of gel medium onto the washer and gently place your paper on the washer, smoothing it if necessary.

When that is dry - and gel medium dries quickly - seal the necklace with a clear dimensional glaze - I used Stampin' Up!'s Crystal Effects, or you could use Judikins Diamond glaze or something similar.

I used a japanese book page from a book I got at Half Price Books for one, and some designer paper from Stampin' Up! for the other.

You could make about a squillion of these for a dollar.

Since we have a handmade only rule for Christmas gifts in my family, I gave these to the girls for Christmas.

Give it a try! It's great recession jewelry!


Cheryl Dendinger said...

Thanks Lydia, you have inspired me. The creative wheels are really turning now. I can't wait to try these,

leslie said...

We made these one year at a December Stamp Camp and The Ladies had a lot of fun with them!

Rebecca said...

Cool! can't wait to try these!