Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Foofy Phonebook Flowers

Say THAT three times fast!!

Anyway, I'm enjoying both scrunchy and foofy flowers lately - even some fabric flowers, but more on that later.

I've been really mad about my junk mail lately. I don't understand why my trashcan gets smaller and more expensive, and why we are all supposed to drive glorified tic tacs and quit using hairspray, but companies can still fill my mailbox every day with pounds of unsolicited garbage that I have to throw away. And PHONEBOOKS. Who in the world uses a phone book? And why are they dumped on my porch when I certainly would say no if I were given the option?

But I'm not. So if the world gives you phonebooks,
Stamps: Vintage Vogue Ink: Summer Sun Paper: Kraft, Whisper White, Phone Book
Accessories: Sending Love epoxy brads, Vanilla satin ribbon, Sizzix takeout box die

give the world foofy flowers. Hmph.

I saw a tutorial for these here, so I won't recreate it. Hers is beautiful.

(PS - I do NOT have the shredding scissors - I just used regular scissors!)

Make some. Foof it up!


....Linda.... said...

Yikes I actually have a pair of those scissors in my kitchen junk drawer - and I call my dog Foofy more than I call her by her real name - it's fate - gotta make a foofy flower....

Dave Charbonneau said...

I wonder how much advertisers paid to be a part of those foofy flowers? (Not enough! These are awesome uses for an otherwise wasteful use of timber).

Dave Charbonneau,
Guy Who Does Stuff

Tara said...

Do you have those scissors?!? I don't have those scissors... :-(

Jane said...

I saw these scissors on sale at JC Penney yesterday in the Christmas clearance area for 2.50. They were 20.00 orginally. Seriously, did anyone buy those things for 20 bucks...I digress. I bought a pair cuz I thought they would be fun to cut up credit cards with or junk, I am going to the mail box to see if the mail is here yet (it's only 7ish so I doubt it) so I can play. Then, I am going to JC Penney and buy the other two pair and sell them on ebay. JK. Thanks for the timely share.

Leslie Hanna said...

I followed the most-excellent tutorial the other day, and the bottom of the flower is all stapled and stiff. How did you attach it?

Pamelita said...

Oh my gosh! This is SO cute! Thanks for sharing.

Heidi Baks said...

Hello dear Lydia! I visit you today for some inspiration out of my artistic slump. I have a shoebox swap on Sat., and I am stuck on the project. I'm not sure if this flower will help me, but now I have to get sidetracked to try it. *sigh* Perhaps the diversion will kick in the mojo?

Bee Burg said... It's expensive ($41 of course!) but part of it goes to planting new trees and such, and it seems to be working! ;-)