Sunday, August 23, 2009

Three Candles

Someone on Twitter suggested three candles to me for my birthday dessert - Past, Present and Future. Besides cutting down on the fire hazard we all present as we get older, I thought it was really sweet.

For my guests at a little gathering last night, I decided to use the Past, Present and Future idea a little differently.

I thought your birthdays are a nice time to look at the map. See where you've been, find where you are, and plan where you're going.So, for favors - the maps signifying all those things.
I took an atlas I bought used for 50 cents and used my Sizzix Big Shot Fancy Favor die to cut bags. This is very quick - you can do two sheets at a time. Then just fold them up.

The tags are made from the latitude and longitude tables in the back of the atlas, which I could use for all sorts of things. I love them with their small, precise print. I hand cut the tags.

Enjoy the route :)


Leslie Hanna said...

Very clever! :-)

WV: chinespi. This is either something you eat in Chinatown, or someone from China's equivalent of the CIA.

Lisa Atha said...


What a clever idea. Those are very interesting. I hope your birthday is a very happy one!


Lisa Atha

Nikki said...

Hot dog! Pirate theme parties seem to be the big thing right now with the kids, those would be perfect for treat bags!

My son was so frustrated because what he really wanted was a Lego Indiana Jones party. Do you have any idea how impossible that was? There was NOTHING to work with, now I see this and think maybe next year, lol.

JeanFB said...

Fantastic idea, Lydia! Love the graphic qualities of your maps, and the latitude/longitude tags are brilliant!

Melody (lacyquilter) said...

Love these. I knew I needed that die for something. Gonna have to put it on my order.